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db creations

Stained Glass, Fused Glass, 

Photography and Wood Turning

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Fused Glass

So the story continues - from Photography to Stained Glass to Fused Glass....While I totally enjoy stained glass is it a VERY time consuming medium. A fellow artist at the Huron Valley Council for the Arts who worked in fused glass decided she wanted to try something different and put her entire fused glass shop up for sale. Her basement was an artist's dream with lots of room to work and places to keep her supplies organized. She had generously given me pieces of glass over the last few years to aid in my stained glass classes. When I heard that her shop was for sale I contacted her. We were able to come up with a perfect 'package' of items needed for me to get started in glass fusion. I purchased her smaller kiln along with many other supplies.

This required a mini makeover of my shop to make room for the kiln. I had to bring in 220 electrical for power and I lined the walls near the kiln with cement board for fire safety. Included in the 'package' were three books which I have read over and over again. They have been a huge help and have kept my phone calls to my mentor to a minimum.

I had my shop converted and fired up just a couple months prior to the big Arts and Greens Holiday Art Show at Bogie Lake Greenhouse. I kept the kiln going making Christmas ornaments and a few trays with the two molds that were included in my packaged deal.

It is been a very rewarding new direction for me to take while maintaining my intrigue with glass. I know I'm still very new in this field but it feels like there is no limit to what I can create.

Thanks for checking out my new fused glass work.

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