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db creations

Stained Glass, Fused Glass, 

Photography and Wood Turning

[email protected]


Wood Turning

Mark introduced me to Ray, a friend from the VFW, who is a Wood Turner. Ray was gracious enough to give us a tour of his shop and a few lessons on making bowls and pens. Well, that was just too much fun to pass up so we created a Wood Shop in the basement (across from my Glass Shop) and started gathering tools and equipment.

Ray's lessons got us started and then we were sent home with the instructions to make 100 bowls and then come on back. That's the learning curve.....and we were on our way - slowly learning while still gathering needed tools. After a few disasters we decided to focus on pens for a little while.

We are finding the pens much easier than the bowls and are having a great time making them.

My plan is to have glass meet wood and combine these arts for some really interesting projects.

Stay tuned as we continue to learn Wood Turning!